ABOUT | Penny yost

ABOUT | Penny

Known professionally for design and creative direction, Penny returns now to her roots in fine art. After several years as a creative director in web & UX design, Penny left her corporate position in 2012 to take a Reset sabbatical. What she initially intended to be a short break turned into an ongoing journey of discovery – following her curiosity and exploring new interests. In 2017, after a five-year creative hiatus, Penny moved to the Pacific Northwest and started creative work again – making the shift from design back to fine art.

Penny has worked in a variety of traditional and digital media including charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, photography, digital illustration and multimedia. Her subjects often stem from nature and her life experiences. Penny sees drawing as an invitation to pause, focus, and be present. Whether creating a whimsical drawing or deeply layered digital illustration, she loves experimenting and being immersed in the process to see what emerges.

As an artist, Penny loves that the creative process looks both inward and outward – a way to escape as well as connect and explore her inner world as well as the world around her. She’s deeply interested in how experiences transform us – whether experiencing nature, live theater, or a delicious meal. Believing everything is interconnected, she sees her experiences and her art as seamlessly intertwined. Life is a creative project.

Penny and her husband, artist Michael Lynn Adams, live in Southern Oregon where they find themselves constantly inspired by the landscape, changing seasons, and nature trails. When they aren’t actively working in the studio, you can find them hiking, gardening, enjoying local food and festivals.

In addition to creating art, Penny has over 15 years experience in website and UX design and has served as creative director for several large entertainment companies including NBC.com, ABC.com and AmericanIdol.com. For highlights of Penny’s design career history see this page.